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Set-up-tier-pricing-in-MagentoMagento provides the feature to have your customers avail discount on bulk buying. When someone buys in bulk, they also expect they also expect some kind of relief in the total amount to be paid. Magento provides the feature to do so in form of tier pricing. It’s really easy to implement such tiers of price slabs for multiple products in Magento. Here’s how:

Go to your admin and open up the product edit page from Catalog->Manage products. From Prices tab you can set various types of pricings for a particular product.


Price: This is the original price at which the store owner is going to sell the product which shows up on the product view page for any product.

Group Price: This price of the product will be displayed to same group of customers. For example if I set 700 here for wholesalers then all wholesales will see the price of this product as 700 USD and the rest will see it as 750 USD.

Cost: Cost is the price at which the store owner purchased the product

Special Price: Special discount prices are set from here.

Tier Price: Our topic of discussion tier prices can be set from here. As visible in the above example you can select websites as well as customer group for whom you can set tier prices. You can provide discount of certain amount on purchase of multiple items of the same products to specific customer groups as well as specific websites of your store.

A great way to say thank you to wholesale customers

You can provide special price ranges to your wholesale customers. They buy products in lots from you and expect that you provide some kind of discount. Using tier prices you can give them special discounts without having to do complex customization in your pricing strategy. Just set the tier price for a product and select ‘wholesalers’ from the drop down list of Customer Groups.

Tier Prices are available for all types of products except grouped products. It’s really easy to implement but extremely useful for store owners. It goes a long way with your customers that you provide relaxation in prices for mass purchases.

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